MN League site — Skills sessions a league calendar

New to the league site:

  • A calendar we can subscribe to:
  • Skills sessions schedule (for coaches, also on calendar):

I added the skills session link to the Coach page on this site and I’ll put a link to the MN MTB calendar on our calendar page. There might be  way to do something fancier if I get time.


Bring a friend to these and get them to join the team!

From the league newsletter:

Here’s a chance to learn what the MN League is all about, and try out a mountain bike!

A Try-It-Out Session is a chance to give mountain biking a try, whether it’s your first time or you just want to meet other racers! Student-athletes who will be in 6th – 12th grades in 2018 are eligible for Try-It-Out Sessions.

Participation is FREE, but registration is required. Be sure to register online before the session. If you do not register in advance and you require a bike, we cannot guarantee that we will have the correct bike size. Plus, we need to ensure we have enough rider leaders on hand. If you do not register in advance, we might not have enough ride leaders, meaning your child might not be able to participate at the session. It is imperative for a smooth running event that you register in advance!

Meet MN League coaches at a trail. Bring your friends. Bring your own bike (or borrow one of the awesome demo bikes available from the MN High School Cycling League). The coaches provide basic instruction depending on your experience level, check equipment, and get you riding.

There will be 4 sessions this summer! They start in June. Click here to see session dates and register to attend one of these FREE events!

Trek Certified Service Course

Trek Bicycle is once again offering their Assembly Technician 101 Course specifically for NICA student-athletes and Coaches this summer! They have three courses available in June and July. This is a great opportunity to learn bike assembly and mechanical skills AND a chance to ride the trails at Trek’s Waterloo, WI headquarters! Details available HERE. Register soon as courses are filling quickly!

(From NICA newsletter)

Coaches Eye – video recording app

I downloaded the app for my iPhone.

Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis by TechSmith Corporation

Iographer frames: Very cool with iPad!

Supposed to be excellent for use in training, especially side-by-side.

NICA GRiTMN on instagram

GRiTMN is about girls on bikes. You can follow on Instagram:

There is a Facebook page too:

Concussion training 2018 (coaches)

I thinking the training site is new this year. For me registration was a bit complicated.

Some things I remember

  1. It’s free. You order it like you were paying but it’s 0.00
  2. Follow the link below, then register then click the link again and click the blue bar. Says something like “order the course”
  3. There are a lot of reference materials, buried in there is MN return to activity guideline. It is well done.
  4. I couldn’t find a way to skip ahead.

The course didn’t run on my iPad’s Safari, but it worked with iOS Chrome. It might be Flash.

NFHS Concussion in Sports:

NSC Velodrome program

Bob Williams of the National sports Center wrote:

I have attached information regarding our Future Stars Junior Cycling Program at the NSC Velodrome.

Please look it over and send it on to your riders if you feel it is appropriate.

If you would like to have a “demonstration day” at the velodrome for your team please contact me and we can set up a time.

Bob Williams

Here’s the text of the flyer (it’s not a free activity of course):

Velodrome Cycling Program

The National Sports Center has a cycling program for you!
The Future Stars Racing Program is for riders aged 13-18 provides great conditioning for any cyclist. 

No Track Bike? No Problem!
Just bring your helmet and riding clothes. We have track bikes you can use. If you have clipless mountain bike shoes and pedals, we can put them on one of our bikes.

Future Stars Junior Racing
Future Stars classes will take place on the track Saturday mornings from 9-11 AM at the NSC Velodrome.

Our instructors will teach you the basics of track bike handling and the proper etiquette for riding on the velodrome. Future Stars Junior races will take place on the velodrome once per month on Thursday nights.