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REI Mountain Bike Series

Most of these articles have videos and video-transcripts. All together they’re a book and video series for mountain biking. You can go from the video in the articles to the YouTube versions which can be full screen.

Global Mountain Bike Network

Typically 1-4 minutes with minimal fluff. This is just a part of their terrific library.

  • bike setup video. … Brakes with 1 finger at very end (strictly one finger), likes relatively high. He likes flats for pedals before taking on clips, adjust tire to distance of rides (heavy/grippy often excessive), if rear shock pay attention to rebound settings – adjust for weight (shop), shorter stem for downhill, longer stem favors uphill, can run front tire softer than rear, spacers can adjust bar height – high easier downhill, lower more control on turn, start seat flat, adjust seat nose down for XC rider, seat nose up slightly for downhill.
  • how to set up clipless pedals: He likes Crank Brothers and especially mallet 2, but in another video he recommends riding with flats until you’re quite good with flats; early clip use can mean more crashes, bad pedal habits. Keep clip back on shoe, shoe rubber should not touch pedal, favors earlier release, favor cleat towards inside of show, set angle inline with shoe length initially. Check cleat bolts every few weeks (you can get stuck if bolts get loose). Cross country shoes are stiffer and have small platform, race/technical have platform with softer shoe, partly engage with bolts (more for us).
  • MTB Maintenance playlist: excellent coverage of beginner to advanced maintenance in multiple videos
  • Maintenance tips
  • Set saddle height
  • Essential skills: body position, moving around the bike, drop weight back if brake fast, look to exit of the turn, find smooth lines, change gears early with smooth cadence, brake before corner. Be patient, build confidence slowly.
  • Essentials (again)
  • Top 10 riding mistakes
  • How to ride berms
  • How to ride drop offs
  • Climb faster
  • Bunny hop
  • Ride singletrack faster
  • Accessories: handy for birthdays

Just for fun

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