Some trails have current PDF maps on park sites, but they can be outdated. Currently the best maps seem to come from IMBA/REI’s Mountain Bike Project. There’s an iPhone and Android app that works even without a data connection (local caching). TeamSnap members can view locations there.

Battle Creek

We meet at Point Douglas Rd S parking lot.  Turn east off Hwy 61/10 on Lower Afton Rd, then go north on Point Douglas Rd S to the parking lot at the end of the cul-de-sac. (44°56’07.5″N 93°01’42.8″W)

(We used to meet at the Scenic Overlook: by Burns Avenue and Hwy 10: 44°56’48.2”N 93°02’19.3”W. That location has some crime concerns so we shifted to Point Douglas.)

Battle Creek (county trail map, better mtbproject map) is our home mountain biking trail. It’s not only a great trail, it’s accessible by bicycle from the Highland area.

Battle Creek MTB Facebook Page:



Notes on the trail systems

There are 3 sections from west to east: 1. From overlook to parking lot (west of Battle Creek). 2. from Battle Creek to Battle Creek Road 3.Battle Creek Road to eastern boundary.

1. overlook to parking lot: there are two advanced options – a in/out spur at the top of paved segment, and a trail that goes across the ridge top to emerge 2/3 of the way up the paved trail along battle creek.

2. Battle Cree to Battle Creek Road: there are 3 routes up from Battle Creek. One is quite technical and is somewhat north. The other is to go up the Berm run. The last is to take Point Douglas road up a few hundred yards to a trail that climbs the bluff.

3. There are two places to cross from section 2 to 3 over S Battle Creek Road.We usually do the northern one. Going down to the Rec Center is a good intermediate descent/climb. At the SouthEast section is a segment sometimes called the Goat Path. It’s an advanced descent.

Rainy day trail alternatives if the mountain bike trails are closed

Road/Battle Creek combination. Scale with options of in/out spur, luge option, different start point/time

Brickyard – Lilydale park

Trail is sometimes closed, if closed hill climbs can be done on the nearby road ascent to the High Street bridge (downriver) or on the ascent from the Yacht Club (upriver)

44°55’28.3″N 93°06’40.1″W: The driveway to the hill from the parking lot may be flooded. Instead, there is a goat path just to the southeast of the parking lot off of the road next to a corner sign; take that path south to the hill. The goat path will join with the gravel path beyond the flooded section.

a tough hill climbing practice in Lilydale park

Summer of walking: On Brickyard Trail, you have a choice

panorama view:

Carver Lake

Parking by Trailhead:

Carver Lake MTB Facebook Page:

Trail Map

Deer Pen

The “Deer Pen” is a hollow in the northeast corner of Minnehaha Park at 44.91688, -93.20793 (44°54’21.7″N 93°11’56.4″W). it’s west of the Ford bridge off the bicycle path.


Elm Creek

45°10’51.5″N 93°24’58.3″W

Twisty trails, some climbs, great turning practice, some technical features on turnoffs.

One of the slowest-to-dry trails in metro

From parking lot the novice trail is to the left. It’s very novice, but on the loop back there’s a branch to a fun intermediate segment. This is good to do while waiting for riders to arrive.

The blue trail starts about 25 yards down the roadway, turn right from parking. Keep turning right to do whole loop including an expert segment.

Elm Creek MTB Facebook Page:

Lebanon Hills

44°46’54.0″N 93°11’18.0″W

Parking is off of Johny Cake Ridge Road

Long loops, skills practice, can be crowded

Full Trail Map and a novice practice plan

Lebanon Hills MTB Facebook Page:

Minnehaha Dog Bluff Trails

Enter from the Fort Snelling trail just south (downstream) of Minnehaha dog park entrance

Annotated guide to the Dog Bluff TrailsStrava Map

Meeting location if not bicycling to start: 44°54’21.7″N 93°11’56.4″W. Minnehaha Dog Park parking lot.

There will be dogs and walkers on these trails so be respectful. They are not part of the Minnehaha dog park however.

Murphy Hanrehan

parking by trail head: 44.724184, -93.348320

Single track map

Murphy Hanrahan MTB Facebook Page:

MORC page

River Bottoms (Adventurous)

Usual meeting place: 44°49’23.6″N 93°15’33.1″W, south of Indian Mounds Elementary School playing fields.

Strava route: There are better options for the start of this route. Before you get to the rocks there’s an unmarked steep trail ascent. Take that through a generally fun hilly segment that joins the main trail. It shows up as a trail on the route.

blog post.

Road Rides (rain, train)

Lake circuit 22 miles and scaled 15 miles

Salem Hills

Salem HIlls road

Salem Hills, Harmon Park, Inver Grove Heights

MORC pageGoogle Maps.


Terrace Oaks

A 2.2 mile loop that resembles some of our mountain bike race courses.

Trail map

Terrace Oaks East Park: 44°46’28.0″N 93°14’19.4″

Theodore Wirth

We meet at beach parking: 3200 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405

MTB Project has the best maps. As of July 2018 TW has two trail systems — MORC and Loppet:

Glenwood and Theodore Wirth: NW corner has a short in/out with good berms, SW corner has more demanding trail with good climbs and descents, many variations.

Further north of Hwy 55, where Theo Wirth goes past golf couse, there’s a brief trail loop to west of the bike path called “Skyline”, “Dingo” and “Enchanted Forest”. Short but not bad.

Furthest north, over rail line and south of the western extension of golf course, there’s a trail to the “back 40″. See – trail information.

Theo rainout paved trail ride. Extend by go Harriet to Nokomis, Shorten by cut-off Harriet.

Whitetail Ridge, River Falls Wisconsin

MTB Project map

Trailhead parking: 44°53’15.1″N 92°38’08.0″W or

About 40 min from HPSH