Leaders: library update (Google Drive, HPMTB Leader page)

I’ve done house cleaning on our team library, see our Leader page for links to key documents and a link to the HPMTB Google Drive shares.

At this time there are three shares, but you see different folders depending on your privileges:

  • HPMTB Board: Board documents and our archive folders
  • HPMTB Leaders: Documents for leaders only. Today that’s only our Team Manual (which needs a refresh).
  • HPMTB Public: Everyone can see these and ride leaders can edit them.

I’ve tested our site links after the refresh as an ‘incognito’ user and they seem to all work. If you find one that doesn’t email info@hpmtb.org.

If you want to edit something and can’t email info@hpmtb.org and I’ll fix privileges.

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