MN League Coaches News – debut issue with some great articles

The League has a new newsletter – Coaches News. From the first edition:

… Providing information about coaching with insights, tips and real life stories and ideas from current MN League coaches, coaches from other state leagues, core staff and more. In this newsletter, coaches can learn strategies and share in the successes and struggles from others.

This weeks issue has links to articles on …

  • Girls Riding Together, GRiT, now has a page on the MN League site:
  • Flats are phat. Or something like that. Anyway, try flat pedals especially at the start of the season.
  • Early season practice advice: “I like to set up four or five stations depending upon the numbers of riders and adults. Two or three stations are straight up skill work – braking drills, cornering around cones, bike body separation. The other two stations are games like foot down or garbage ball (teams pass a ball and try to get in in a garbage can).”
  • The coaches only NICA site has Minnesota Base Fitness 12 week training program by Dee Tidwell of Enduro MTB.
  • Strength training (yay, CrossFit!): The “early season” set here is pretty easy. We did something like this one season and it might be fun to do it as a regular 10 minute warmup.
  • Coaches are getting more training on bike stills this season.  OTBS 101, 201 (track stands, wheel lifts) and even 301 (yikes).
  • Calvin writes about Coaches and bike buying advice:  On bike repair: “More important than asking for discount is a guarantee of quick turnaround.” That’s something we should ask of our shop partners.


Getting ready for the season

The ice is fading and dreams of bikes are growing. We’re warming up for the 2018 season. Watch for communications to come. There will be email to our mailing list, posts on the team blog (, posts to our Facebook Page, and notices from our TeamSnap site. If you’d like to be added to our email notification send your name and interest to

We’re planning a kick-off meeting for the season in mid-June. There will be a parent-rider meeting in April-May and a coach-ride leader meeting. The season starts July 1, 2018.

Stay tuned!

League summer camp full

Coach group reports summer camp is full. One coach recommended this alternative:

It’s a bit of a drive, but I go to Michigan Tech, so i ride these trails in the fall, and they are awesome trails! It should be a fun camp, and worth the drive!

Use of blog vs Facebook

I’ve tested auto-posting to Facebook using the IFTTT automation service. It creates a plain text (no links or images) post with a link back to the blog post. This works well enough that we can use this blog as public announcement source and continue to post to Facebook as well.

From newsletter:


Are you ready to help us get #moregirlsonbikes? Here’s how you can help, right now: click this link and “like” our NICA GRiT Facebook page. You can then follow, share, and participate in League events designed to get #moregirlsonbikes.

Our new outreach initiative, NICA GRiT MN (previously known as “Crank Sisters”) encourages high school girls to become racers and women to become coaches in the MN League. Through networking, knowledge sharing, scholarships, league and fee discounts, and coaching rebates, NICA GRiT MN will be the channel to overcoming fears, setting goals, and learning how racing and coaching in the MN League is both rewarding and the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

Want to help out? Email GRiT MN Director Nicole Butler to volunteer.

Minnesota Mountain Bike Series 2018!

From their email:

2018 Registration is OPEN! NEW Series Information!

A big change for the 2018 MNMBS is that all racers will be part of the overall points tracking/standings for the entire season. In years past, racers had the option of paying to be part of the “Series,” or just racing in individual races (no tracking of points / overall standings/overall awards). For 2018, the MNMBS has become more inclusive; all racers at all events are part of the Series. 

What does this mean?No more separate Series Registration!
No more Series riders / non-Series riders…everybody’s a Series rider!
Every racer, regardless of the number of races they complete, will accumulate points!
Each racer will receive a permanent race plate to use all season!
All racers will be eligible for call-ups!
SuperPass registration will still get you 10 races for the price of 9 and save you money on race fees and transaction fees over individual and race day registrations!
This change will make the races, points, awards, etc more inclusive. We want everyone to feel that they belong to our GREAT mountain bike family. To facilitate this change we have increased our race fees by $2 per registration.