No more Sun AM pre-ride!

From the league newsletter:

For each race of the season, we will be offering pre-ride of the course on the Saturday before each race.

There will be no Pre-Ride on Sundays before each race.

To accommodate our growing racer numbers, this change will ensure all race categories have the estimated time needed to complete the race safely.

Osprey Ride Leader packs

As of July 2018 we have purchased 3 Osprey Packs for ride leaders. This is a reference photo of the current setup. Thanks Matt for doing the hardware purchase.

I’ll update our Ride Leader Hydration Pack page with an inventory list, ideas for managing documents on a phone, instructions for the pack, how to replenish first aid kit, etc. It is a work in progress.

Master link not shown, we need a couple of those to store in the pack pliers.

There’s a link to the Hydration Pack Page on our the HPMTB Leader Page.

Coach Allan is managing distribution, current plan is Allan, Eric and Tim to have one. My own pack is similar.

Register by ‪August 1‬ and you get a personalized nameplate

Student-athletes who are ‘Practice Ready’ and coaches who are 100% compliant by Wednesday, August 1st will receive a custom plate with their name printed on it.


1. Pit Zone profile completed (make sure your name is spelled correctly)

2. All waivers completed

3. Annual registration fee paid (registration for individual races is not required to be considered “Practice Ready”)


Compliant Minimum Requirements

1. Pit Zone registration completed (waiver, background check and annual fee)

2. CDC Concussion Course (video viewed and completion certificate uploaded to the Pit Zone)

3. Risk Management 1 (video viewed and screen shot of test results uploaded to the Pit Zone)

To check your status, log into the Pit Zone. Student-Athletes: Your “Practice Ready” status will be dispositioned Yes or No. Coaches: If you have a red exclamation mark next to your name, you are missing at least one of the requirements.

NICA advice on storms including use of lightning tracker app

From Coaches News 2018:

If thunderstorms are forecasted in any likelihood/ percentage, even if the sky is clear, practice as close to a shelter as you can so you can evacuate your team in case a storm develops or moves-in.

A shelter suitable for a thunderstorm is a building with roof and walls that is also grounded or an enclosed vehicle with all windows and doors shut.

Ensure all coaches are familiar with your Team Practice Venue Emergency Action Plan (now includes water stations, shelters and cellular data for lightning trackers)

If you have a consistent cellular data connection at your practice area, use My Lightning Tracker or Weatherbug cellular apps to alert you to nearby lightning

It is considered safe to resume/start practice after 30 minutes has passed since the last clap of thunder OR lightning is no longer detected within 10 miles of the practice site.

Upcoming events – June 2018

These are on our TeamSnap calendar (also on our public calendar)

There is a Bike Mechanical Repair and Maintenance night at One Ten Bicycles on June 19th from 6-7pm.  Brad will go over basic bicycle repair and servicing.

On June 20th we will have a preseason skills and fun ride starting at Hidden Falls park meeting at 6:00pm.

On Saturday June 23rd there will be a preseason fun ride meeting at Theodore Wirth park at 3:00pm.

Mountain biking program for novice grade 7-12 July 10-26 $150

This isn’t aimed at HPMTB riders, but we should promote this for novices!

From league email

We’re going to get #morekidsonbikes this summer, thanks to Giant Bicycles and Liv Cycling!

Dirt School 2018 is a Minnesota High School Cycling League program for mountain biking to teach student-athletes the necessary skills to be a capable and well-informed mountain bike rider. This new program is geared for students who have never been on a mountain bike, are new to mountain biking or who want additional biking instruction to build their skills. The goal of this program is to empower youth through the sport of cycling to be proficient cyclists, whether they are interested in cycling as a life-long sport or racing in the high school league.

The MN League is partnering with with the Minnetonka School District and Community Center for this pilot program.

Dirt School Program Dates:

July 10th – July 26th

7th – 12th grade students (Fall 2018)

Bikes are available if needed, however a student can bring their own bike to use. All bikes brought by students will be given a safety inspection.

Transportation to and from the bike trails will be provided.

Visit the Dirt School page of the MN League website for more details, including cost and registration information.

For more information on the Dirt School Program or to explore establishing a program in your community, contact

From the web page

Dirt School  in Minnetonka

July 2018

in partnership with  Minnetonka School District & Community Center

6 Sessions, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, from July 10 to July 26

7th – 12th grade students (Fall 2018)

Cost:   $149

Registration: Register Here

Start Time:    Student Drop off between 8:00am and 8:30am

Finish Time:  Student Pick Up between 11:30am – Noon


Minnetonka High School,

18301 MN-7, Minnetonka, MN 55345,

Back Parking Lot – Door 14E

Schedule:   For a complete schedule, visit the registration page.

Bike Trails to be visited:

Salem Hills

Elm Creek

Lake Rebecca


Theodore Wirth

Pit Zone race category

From coach group:

Have you registered in the Pit Zone lately and wondered about your race category?

1) Most riders get assigned a category based on their grade.

2) Riders from last year who are already racing in a category above their grade level have been assigned the higher category (So a 10th grader who rode Varsity last year will still be assigned the Varsity category).

3) For some of last year’s riders, In the next few weeks the MN League will be doing automatic upgrades based on their last year’s race performance. An announcement will be made on this page when that has taken place.

Look at the Minnesota Rulebook for category placement rules. You can find a link on this webpage

Coach Resources

Revising HPMTB.ORG layout — the Home Page was too subtle

If you go to on a desktop machine you see a team photo and a menu at the bottom. It’s not obvious that you can scroll down to read about the team (or click the down arrow by the bottom menu).

It took me a while to realize that not everyone would scroll down. So I moved the team information to the About HPMTB tab. Every other tab except the Home tab opens already scrolled down to show content.